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Brain Connections was born from many years of interventions with our own children's special needs.  Through the years we have developed a program which combines many necessary components for optimal brain health. 

Primitive Reflexes should be integrated within your first year of life.  However, a traumatic birth event, a head injury, or an emotional trauma can cause your primitive reflexes to become un-integrated. When this happens, many negative issues result such as: motion sickness, bed wetting, ADD/ADHD, unnatural anxiety, dyslexia, using the finger to track when reading, and many more issues.  When we are not integrated we live in a constant state of "fight or flight".  These primitive reflexes can become integrated again in just minutes a day.  


“Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment Program.”  Professor Reuven Feuerstein developed the theory of "Structural Cognitive Modifiability," put simply, his breakthrough demonstrated that the brain can change.  FIE is based upon changing the structure of the brain to create new neural pathways which will help an individual to reach their full potential.


 Equipping Minds  uses various activities and exercised in order to increase one’s mental processing speed, long term, short term and working memory.  It is is based on the “plasticity” of the brain. It is a fun non-threatening approach to creating new neural pathways.


Brain Highways is a program that focuses on helping people transition from pons and midbrain to cortex.  This means people often have to work harder than they should in order to process information and make it through the day.  I have been trained to asses the vestibular, proprioceptor, pons and midbrain function. 

Emotional Freedom Therapy, also known as "tapping," allows you to take control of your thoughts and attitude.  By using the power of your words and your body's natural energy you can find peace, joy, and overcome mental blocks.

Enneagram Personality Coaching helps you understand yourself and others in a deeper way.  Overcome blind spots, and harness your natural gifts and abilities. 

Sound Therapy recharges the brain by high frequency sounds that are otherwise depleted by low frequency sounds.  Sound Therapy International  uses a special filtering process, which adds high frequency sound to classical music.  The high frequency causes the muscles and nerves of the ear to be stimulated which "restores brain function and enhances learning at any age of life." This is a powerful instrument in opening the pathways of the brain.


Founder of Brain Connections

Traci LaHue

Traci is a graduate of Johnson University,  Certified in Equipping Minds, Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment, Brain Highways, and is a Consultant for Sound Therapy International.

She is a special needs mother, and grandmother.  She is dedicated to helping her clients become their best.



Grace Rutherford

​Grace has as Bachelors degree in Human Services and counseling from Johnson University, she is a Certified Health Specialist, yoga instructor, Enneagram Coach, and has completed courses in personal excellence, health, and brain coaching through Stanford University, University of Central Florida, Trinity School of Natural Health and Brain Connections.  

Grace is both a special needs parent and sister. She is passionate about equipping her clients with the practical tools they need to succeed. Find her on youtube!

Overcome Your Challenges 

Sound therapy, primitive reflexes, Emotional Freedom Technique, Enneagram Personality coaching, mediated learning, and brain training games reconnect and build new neuropath ways in order to allow you to be successful.   Brain Connections is useful in making the connections which improve your life skills, academics, behavior, and overall enjoyment in participating in life. It is done in a fun non-threatening way which will boost your confidence, processing speed, memory recall and help you in your life challenges.   

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