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As we grow older, many of us begin to experience memory loss and our processing speed begins to slow down.  This does not have to be accepted as a normal part of life.  There are simple activities that can be added to your daily routine which will strengthen the neural pathways of the brain.   We can work together in order to improve your memory, processing speed, in order to maintain your Brain Connections.  


Because of the plasticity of the brain we are able to improve function at every season of life.  We can continue to function well socially, recall important details, and increase our processing speed at any age.  


We use many non-threatening, fun activities to accomplish this.  We combine elements from "Equipping Minds," "Primitive Reflexes," "Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment mediation" and "Sound Therapy International."


Sound therapy helps recharge the brain.  Brain function is encouraged when it is exposed to high frequency sound waves and it is drained by low frequency sound waves.  We are bombarded by low frequency sounds such as the drone of the AC, the buzz of fluorescent lights, the hum of electronics, and traffic noises.  All of these drain our brain.  


Many older adults lose their ability to hear the high frequency sound waves which are important to the recharging of the brain.  Sound therapy has been beneficial to many adults and children as well.  It can actually add hours to your day as it recharges your brain.  Many report they need less sleep, they feel refreshed and recharged from using Sound Therapy.

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