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Primitive Reflexes Demonstration Video #1

Primitive Reflexes

Demonstration Video #2

Brain Connections


Brain Connections seeks to give you or your child the necessary skills to navigate through the challenges of life.  We do this with non-threatening, fun, activities combined with mediation (as used in Feuerstein, see below) and sound therapy.  It is our goal to see each individual overcome challenges and to be successful in all areas of life.   



Brain Connections Consultations at your home or via Skype or FaceTime! 

Distance is no obstacle


One-on-One activities that will increase processing speed, long term, short term, and working memory, logic and reasoning skills will be done with Traci LaHue. Brain Connections is a fully integrated system of fun but challenging activities and training exercises. Combining these activities with mediation (FIE) points you to success.

BRAIN CONNECTIONS IS NOT A TUTORING PROGRAM. It is designed to give the necessary tools in order to achieve your full potential. Many see a marked improvement in impulsivity, anxiety and ADD/ADHS, memory, processing speed, ability to multitask, and many more challenges are addressed. Many who go through Brain Connections experience an improvement with self-esteem, confidence and  an overall positive attitude is seen.  It is not designed to tutor or teach academic subjects. However, it will develop the underlying brain connections required to learn effectively and to develop socially acceptable life skills.  After all we need to both achieve academically and to function well socially.


Brain Connections consultation and activities will be completed in 12 weeks in most cases.


Brain connections uses the following programs:


Equipping Minds by Carol Brown, MA:


Traci LaHue is certified in Equipping Minds.  "It is a unique and multi-disciplinary approach to increasing anyone's capacity to learn.  It is used to create missing neural pathways which may inhibit ones ability to learn..." (Equipping Minds, Carol Brown).


Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment (FIE)


Traci LaHue is certified as a Mediator for FIE.

FIE is bases on the aspects of structural cognitive modifiability.  Simply stated the brain is modifiable, adaptable, it can be modified.  There is hope, we are not stuck.  Mediated Learning experiences are instrumental in:

 - Inhibiting impulsive behavior,

 - Overcoming blocking,

 - Self-control, and 

 - Encourages planned, organization of thought           process


Primitive Reflexes by Kathy Johnson, MS Ed


"People who followed these exercises daily for 30 days found:

 - Improved memory,

 - Increased auditory processing,

 - Improved bladder control, and 

 - Decreased anxiety," Kathy Johnson, Ms Ed.



Sound Therapy: Traci LaHue is a consultant for Sound Therapy International.


Sound Therapy is a unique listening system using new knowledge about the brain. The Sound Therapy Synergy program is designed to work in synchronicity with the other treatments, meaning that all methods enhance each other.  Specifically recorded programs of highly filtered classical music are used to rehabilitate the ear and stimulate the brain.


Sound Therapy stimulates the ear by presenting it with constantly alternating sounds of high and low tones within the complex structure of classical music. Stimulation via the sensory pathways re-maps the brain, improving the way we understand and process sound. The brain in turn sends signals back to the ear to improve its function. One theory suggests that this feedback loop results in better performance of the middle ear muscles and of the tiny, hair-like cells in the inner ear. As the ear becomes open and receptive to high-frequency sounds, these are then passed on to the brain.


Research has shown that brain function is improved through high-frequency sound. There is an increase in blood flow to certain centers along with increased electrical activity. The results observed in Sound Therapy listeners include increased energy, reduced fatigue with improved focus and creativity, and a reduction in the need for sleep. (from Sound Therapy International's website)


For More Info Visit: Sound Therapy International  

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