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Down syndrome

Down syndrome is caused most often by the triplication of the twenty first chromosome. People with Down syndrome can live full and beautiful lives. They can be hard workers, good friends, and active members of society.  

Because of their unique biological make up  people with Down syndrome greatly benefit from brain training exercises.  Both Traci and Grace have a child with Down syndrome so they are particularly passionate about serving this population. 

In working with our own children and countless clients with Down syndrome we have seen marked improvement in many areas, including:

  • eliminating an apraxia diagnosis,

  • increased working memory,

  • increased long term memory,

  • nonverbal students began speaking,

  • overcome behavior challenges like running away from parents, hitting, biting, kicking, tantrums, etc.,

  • overcoming anxiety,

  • ability to follow multi step instructions,

  • identifying and labeling, and

  • conversation skills.

These are just a few areas where improvements were made. Our clients with Down syndrome have flourished, if you are a parent or sibling interested in how Brain Connections could help your loved one overcome challenges please reach out today!


They're never too young, and it's never too late!

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