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Madison's Journey

Madison was born with Down's Syndrome


Madison was born in 1998.  She was diagnosed at birth with Trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome).  She is our second child, we have 5 children.


As parents, we had no idea what to expect when we heard her diagnosis.  To complicate matters, she suffered from a severe heart defect that almost took her life as a baby.


After her heart repair surgery, we took her home knowing we wanted her to succeed in life. We wanted what all parents want for their children. She was immediately enrolled into First Steps and began with ALL the traditional therapies offered, OT, PT, ST, BT and nutritional therapy.  We were pleased with the results but we wanted more for her.   


I began seeking answers outside of the traditional approaches offered in schools and by "recognized" therapists.  I was introduced to Carol Brown of Equipping Minds.  Her program changed everything for Madison.  Her speech drastically improved, she began to run (which she only did at Halloween and Easter to get candy), she began to follow 4-5 step instructions, she began to add, her processing speed quickened, her overall attititude improved, she seemed so much happier.  She is now 16 and has started her own business, she is active in youth groups, and she dreams of going to college. Because of the changes we saw so quickly, within a week and a half, I was encouraged to start a journey of my own.  It has become my passion to help people in their life journey.


Madison is not our only child with challenges, she was just the one that started me on this journey. Because of the dramatic improvements with her, I implemented Equipping Minds, FEI, Sound Therapy, and Primitive Reflexes with my other children.

We have seen vast improvements in Auditory

Processing issues, Dyslexia, ADHD, and 

impulsive behavior. We will forever be 

thankful to God for this journey and the

certifications and training programs

I have gone through.  It is my goal to bring 

hope when it does not seem like their is any.

To demonstrate that the brain has endless

potential, it just has to be tapped into.  

-Traci LaHue, Founder of Brain Connections

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