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Thank you Brain Connections!


Meet some of the people who have benefited from our program.

"My daughter struggled immensely..."
"Now he is unmedicated & excelling..."

My daughter, Makayla struggled immensely with being able to unscatter her thoughts, a term the doctors called ADD, also with a mild hearing loss in both ears and adjusting to hearing aids in kindergarten her speech and processing skills were very slow and some places non existent.


In the beginning (of our brain training sessions) we certainly dealt with headaches due to all the firing of pathways being opened in the brain.  What really got me is how fast she caught on to things...all the sudden it overflowed...commands at home, her schoolwork, and the confidence rose! A child that even though homeschooled, struggled so much.  As a mom it was heartbreaking and now?.... She is a freshmen in High school who is in all Pre AP classes! Brain training has been an amazing blessing to our family and so thankful God led us to it!

Crazy Blessed,
Traci Irvin
James 1:2-4 

"He is beginning to talk in sentences..."

My son, who has Down Syndrome,  has been working with Traci and Brain Connections and we are so pleased with the results.  He is beginning to talk in sentences, he has better word flow, and he is following directions much better.  He is also able to build with blocks now. My son meets Ms. Traci at the door with a smile and ready to play. 


Annie V. 

"We've seen a lot of Kayla's old self"

In this 12 weeks, we've seen seen a lot of Kayla's old self.  She is back to being more affectionate.  She likes to make jokes.  She has started to play her keyboard, singing, coloring, stuff she suddenly stopped doing, now she enjoying to do again...She doesn't get frustrated...It has been overall, a positive experience.

Ana Morales

Mrs. Traci has been a pleasure working with our 7 year old son.  Before Brain Training, our son was having problems controlling his reactions and stopping to think before completing a task.  


He would rush through school work and homework causing him to have to re-do or re-write some assignments.  After working with Mrs. Traci and her program, our son has shown continuous improvements in behavior, frustrations, and accuracy of completing tasks.  


Mrs. Traci is kind and patient while working with our child and gives weekly updates of his progress.  Truly one of the best things we have done for our child who "was" labeled ADHD within the school system.


Now he is unmedicated and successfully excelling in all areas at school!


Tiffany Machnic


"Brain training is amazing!"

My daughter Makayla just finished her 2nd set of brain training with Traci LaHue. I'll be honest I really wondered as I homeschooled her in middle school, how successful she would be, nothing came easy and I even wondered "Will she live at home forever?" Brain training with Traci Lahue has been game changer in her life... She cares about people's lives being changed with the tools God's given her! My oldest daughter is now going into her Junior year of High school, honor roll student, coordinated enough to run cross country, swim, now being a lifeguard and an amazing actor in High school plays! Brings tears to my eyes as I type this. God is good, Brain training is amazing! 

   My middle daughter just finished her first round of brain training and has made huge leaps and bounds! She has eye issues since birth now that I think back. She's had huge issues with the smallest tasks! It's heartbreaking, but when we came to almost our last week of brain training and she went from two and a half minutes in a timed card game to fifty two seconds I knew new brain pathways had been opened up! We are now entering in vision therapy for major eye teaming issues but having the background of brain training I can talk to these Drs and therapist with a good understanding due to brain training!  

Traci Irvin 

Boy Playing with Blocks

"we saw immediate results..."

We are so glad that we had Traci work with our grandson Blake. He was struggling with some areas of his behavioral and mental development. After a handful of sessions and the brain training exercises that Traci worked with him on, we saw immediate results. Even his teachers commented on the improvement they saw. Traci is very knowledgeable and takes the time to explain all the areas of development she is working with and exercises that are being used to stimulate results. Traci is very compassionate and willing to go to great lengths to work with her students. We still use the exercises at home that Traci showed us and they are a lot of fun. We are so grateful that Traci helped Blake in such a tremendous way and is still helping him along.

Lisa Rutherford

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